On Monday, July 9th, the FBI will be shutting down a temporary network that was a fix to the malware called DNSChanger. What this form of malware has done is infected millions of computers by manipulating search results, displaying advertisements for fake or malicious products, and directing victims to malicious websites.

In 2011 international law enforcement shutdown the people responisble for this, however millons of computers were infected before this occured. When this happened the Internet Services Consortium deployed temporary DNS servers to circumvent the infected machines. On Monday they will be shutting these servers down and in doing so any infected left machine will not be able to access the internet. This includes email, social networking sites like Facebook and general internet browsing. Below is a list of sites with more information and that you can use to check your machine for the infection. If you have any questions for problems feel free to call us.

To check to see if you are subject the DNSChanger, click the following link.


If infection is present please download the following utility to remove the DNSChanger Malware.