iPad & iPhone E-Mail Setup

These instructions are current as of August 28, 2013 and apply to iOS versions 5.1.1 through 6.1.4. These instructions may also apply to later versions of Apple's iOS. We'll update these instructions as new versions of iOS are released.

These instructions approach set up from the point of view that you haven't set it up Gamewood e-mail. If you've already set the e-mail up and now just need to make changes, these instructions may help you get to where you need to make changes.

  • Turn on your iPad or iPhone and start the Settings app
  • On the main Settings screen find and select the item Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Under the Accounts section find and select the item Add Account...
  • On the Add Account... screen find and select the item Other
  • On the Other screen find and select the item Add Mail Account
  • Enter a name in the Name field
  • In the Email field enter your user name with @gamewood.net after it, without spaces, for example, johndoe@gamewood.net
  • Enter your password in the Password field
  • Tap the Next button
  • You have choice of selecting IMAP or POP for your account. We recommend IMAP since this leaves mail on the server until you delete it and allows you to check and manage your e-mail on multiple devices.
  • In the Incoming Mail Server section the Host Name to be entered is: mail.gamewood.net
  • In the User Name section
  • enter your user name with @gamewood.net after it (as described above)
  • Your password may be preentered for you in the Password field but you can reenter it again if necessary
  • In the Outgoing Mail Server section enter the Host Name, User Name and Password in the appropriate sections exactly as you entered them in the Incoming Mail Server section
  • Press the Next button and the phone will start Verifying...
  • Once the screen changes, if you've selected IMAP keep the default recommended settings and press the Save button
  • You should see Adding Account... for a few moments then you'll be returned to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section of Settings
  • You're done! Start the Mail application to send and receive e-mail from your Gamewood.Net e-mail

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