Dial Up Internet

Although many users have switched to broadband Internet access services, such as fiber and wireless, Dial Up Internet access is a viable method if no broadband Internet access exists, such as in rural areas. It can also serve as a backup to your primary Internet access. Backup services are generally important for business continuity when a total outage can disrupt the ability of the business to provide service. To use automatic dial backup you'll need a broadband router with dial-backup support.

We offer Unlimited Dial Up Internet for $20.00/month. We also offer Dial Up Internet at no additional charge to subscribers of our broadband WaveRider Wireless and Fiber products (excluding the Mitel product).

Dial Up Service includes:

  • 1 primary e-mail address (we call this a primary or parent e-mail account)
  • 4 secondary e-mail addresses (we call these secondary or child e-mail accounts)
  • 20 aliases per e-mail address (i.e. you can have up to 125 virtual e-mail addresses)
  • Unlimited Dial Up service
  • 20 Minutes of free Toll Free service, additional minutes available at $0.145/minute.
  • 24 x 7 Help Desk Support
  • Discounted pricing is available for pay in advance and pre-approved draft or credit card payers.

See our Regional Dial Up Number list to see the areas we cover with local dial up.

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