E-Mail Only

You can have an e-mail only account with Gamewood Technology Group, Inc. for $55.00/year. Or you can add an additional E-Mail address to your existing account once you've used all of your secondary e-mail addresses for $5.00/month. Both of these options include an additional 4 secondary e-mail accounts and 120 e-mail aliases.

One of the advantages of a Gamewood e-mail address is our location branding through domain name aliasing. Although that may sound complicated it only means that we've set up our e-mail so that e-mail to your_persoanl_user_name@gamewood.net is equivalent to your_personal_user_name@danville-va.com. So if you share your e-mail address with others as your_personal_user_name@danville-va.com it will be delivered to your Gamewood e-mail box. The really cool thing about this is we've also branded a lot of other locations. Here are all of them:


As an example, messages sent to our sales address of sales@gamewood.net can also be sent to sales@danville-va.com.

Another great feature of having multiple virtual e-mail addresses is you can use the sorting and filtering features of your e-mail software to place messages in specific folders based on the address.

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