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Gamewood Technology Group, Inc. offers a variety of Internet services over the City of Danville's nDanville fiber optic network and over Mid-Atlantic Broadband's fiber optic network. While nDanville fiber optic connections are suitable for both residential, small office/home office (SOHO) and business connections, the Mid-Atlantic Broadband connections are only available to businesses, large non-profit or government organizations since our minimum Internet service is dedicated carrier class 10Mb/s symmetrical service.

Residential, Small Office/Home Office

For nDanville Fiber Internet services for residential and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), please see our FiberFlex Internet Services website. All residential and SOHO Internet services are offered with high bandwidth and low pricing but are delivered as best effort services and do not come with a public static IP address. In other words our voice and business class services are given higher priority on our network and static public IP addresses are extra. If you're interested in these products please give us a call at 434-799-8407.

24 x 7 Help Desk support is available on our Residential and SOHO Internet, TV and Phone services.

Business Class Transport & Internet Services

We offer a variety of Business Class Internet services over the nDanville fiber optic network for businesses that need high priority service and 24x7 network support. We offer transport services for interconnecting your local offices across the region, symmetrical business class Internet services and asymmetric business class Internet services.

Transport Services (Point to Point, Transparent LAN, Metro LAN)

Transport services are useful when you have several locations in a region that need to share the same local area network, share multiple networks using VLAN(s) or use routed private IP. Transport services are also useful for connecting VoIP phones and remote phone systems to a centralized phone system located in your primary office.

Transport Speeds Available (Mb/s)

All Business Class Transport services are priced on a per quote basis. Multiple year terms along with multiple year discounts are available. Please call and ask to speak to one of our network service consultants for details.

Business Class Symmetric Internet Services

Our Business Class Symmetric Internet Services offer the highest priority on our network, a public static IP address with additional single IP addresses are available along with 24 x 7 x 365 network technical support and 24 x 7 x 365 call-in help desk support. IP address blocks are available on a per quote basis. Pricing for these services are done on a per quote basis.

Business Class Symmetrical Servcie Speeds Available (Mb/s)

Business Class Asymmetric Internet Services

Our Business Class Asymmetric Internet services offer high priority on our network, second to voice and Business Class Symmetric Internet Services. Included with these services are a single public static IP address with additional IP addresses available. 24 x 5 Business Day network technical support is included. 24 x 7 x 365 call-in help desk support is also included. Please call for current pricing.

Business Class Asymmetric Speeds Available (Mb/s)
12 down/6 up
14 down/7 up
16 down/8 up
18 down/9 up
20 down/10 up
22 down/11 up
24 down/12 up
26 down/13 up

Custom Business Fiber Internet Services

Gamewood Technology Group, Inc. can create custom product configurations based on your needs. Please give one of our network service consultants a call to discuss your specific needs and we'll craft a custom product quote for your business.

Regional Fiber Optice Internet Services for Business

For MBC Fiber Pricing please call us and ask to speak to one of our network service consultant who can determine availability and pricing. Circuits begin at 10Mb/s and are symmetrical (10Mb/s upload and 10Mb/s download). We have pricing for 10Mb/s, 20Mb/s, 50Mb/s and 100Mb/s circuits through MBC. Pricing is a function of speed needed and term of commitment and all prices are provided on a per quote basis.

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