We offer Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services as a low speed broadband dial up alternative to users who can get ISDN service from their local phone company. We offer both 64Kbps and 128Kbps service for $24.00/month and $28.00/month respectively.

ISDN differs from analog 56Kbps MODEMs in several ways:

  • You need to have ISDN service from your phone company (there are charges for this service from the phone company)
  • You need an ISDN MODEM/Router for your computer or network
  • You need an ISDN Internet service like that offered by Gamewood Technology Group, Inc.

64Kbps may not sound that fast compared with other broadband Internet services. However it is considerably faster than dial up. Dial up service is limited to 53kbps (even though MODEMs are advertised as 56kbps) by FCC regulation. Dial up MODEMs are analog and the typical configuration requires 10 bits to represent a single 8 bit byte of data (a start bit, 8 bits of data and a stop bit). To figure out the maximum transmission speed an analog MODEM can obtain, you divide 53,000 by 10 and get 5,300 bytes or characters per second (CPS). Unfortunately, 53Kbps connections for analog MODEMs is rarely seen in practice. 53Kbps can generally only be obtained under ideal conditions.

ISDN, which is digital, only requires 8 bits to represent a single 8 bit byte of data. This is due to the design of ISDN in that it uses a seperate data channel to send control information along with the user's data (called a bearer channel). 64K ISDN is also known as 1B+D (1 bearer channel, and a data channel). A 64K service is an 8,000 CPS service (64,000bps divided by 8 bits per byte yielding 8,000 CPS). Therefore, 64K ISDN is just over 1.5 times faster than 53Kbps service (8,000 CPS divided by 5,300 CPS is approximately 1.5094).

128K ISDN (also known as 2B+D) is just over 3 times faster than 53Kbps analog dial up service. You can use the approach above to calculate this.

ISDN, which is useful for businesses as a backup connection for business continuity, can also be used by residential users as long as your local phone company has ISDN as a service to your location. Our Regional Dial Up Numbers support both 53Kbps analog MODEMs and ISDN Digital MODEMS.

If you want to discuss ISDN as an Internet connectivity solution please give us a call and ask to speak to a network service consultant.

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