Server Settings

Domain Name Service (DNS)

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:

E-Mail Server Settings

When you configure your e-mail client on your computer, phone or other device, you will need to enter your user name including and your password for both the receiving and sending e-mail servers.

Receiving E-Mail

  • Secure IMAP (IMAPS, Recommended), server:, port: 993
  • Secure POP3 (POP3S), server:, port: 995

Sending E-Mails

  • Secure SMTP (SMTPS), server:, port: 465

Secure IMAP protocol is recommended because it allows you to keep folders and messages on our e-mail server. This allows you to refer to your messages on all of your fixed and mobile computing devices, which can be very convenient!

If you need help setting up your iPad or iPhone to use Gamewood.Net e-mail, please view our instructions.

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