Gamewood Broadband Wireless Service

Gamewood provides an intermediate speed broadband wireless service in the city of Danville, Virginia, towns of Climax and Chatham, Virgina and several areas within Pittsylvania County using Terrestrial Fixed Wireless. Coverage is not available everywhere. Please call us to find out if coverage is available at your home or business.

Prices, Speed and Terms of Service

Monthly PriceSpeedClass of ServiceTerm of ServiceInstallation Price
$24.95512KbpsResidential2 Years$99.00
$29.95512KbpsResidential1 Year$99.00
$34.95768KbpsResidential2 Years$99.00
$39.95768KbpsResidential1 Year$99.00
$44.95512KbpsBusiness2 Years$99.00
$49.95512KbpsBusiness1 Year$99.00
$64.95768KbpsBusiness2 Years$99.00
$69.95768KbpsBusiness1 Years$99.00

Call 434-799-8407 today to find out if this service is available at your location.

If you already have another primary broadband Internet service you may want to consider this service as an affordable backup connection for business continuity reasons.

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